WINSTON 10/08/2020

Burani Bojack

Hip, Elbow & Eye certificates

DNA Tested clear for Ichthyosis

Vet Checked for Breeding


Winston has a beautiful loving personality! He and Shiloh have surprisingly become the best of friends, which speaks to both their gentle natures. Winston lives with Mia, Shiloh & Summer, who all love playing with him and going for long walks. He has sired some beautiful litters the majority of which have been dark in colour and sweet in nature.


SHILOH  13/01/2014

DoreHytes Robin Hood



Shiloh was a great Stud Dog and produced many beautiful litters, his nature is not as his name a warrior but a soft angel that loves everyone and will roll over for anyone and any dog. He is highly obedience trained, very smart and intelligent. He will run with you and also stay cuddled up with you until you move. He lives with his sister Mia, neice Summer and best buddy Winston. Currently enjoying his retirement. 

At heart the biggest softie you will meet.